Sunday, 12 May 2013

Is SEO Dying after Google Panda and Penguin Update

Google is carrying on its efforts to provide the best search results against the keywords used. And, in this venture, Google Panda and Penguin updates were done. These updates were like nightmare for millions of sites that were on the first page of Google. Sites lost their rankings, SERPs, and traffic.
After Google Panda and Penguin updates, site owners have started thinking it a strategy of Google to kill SEO and give importance of Pay per Click (PPC) programs. However, the facts are different, as per the SEO Services India Company. The purposes of Google Panda and Penguin updates were not to kill SEO but to save ethical SEO and improve search results. With these updates, Google have been hitting on the back of those who are:
·         Following unethical SEO
·         Using keywords in the URL while not having quality content in the site
·         Using duplicate content to get into ranking
·         Building an array of single page or a few page websites on similar niche to rule the Google’s search engine
Maximum websites that were not following Google’s parameters of Search Engine Optimization were hit and are been hitting with Google Panda and Penguin algorithms. And, this is done only to add value to ethical SEO not to kill SEO.
Now, when we know SEO is not dying but unethical SEO is dying, we have to think about ethical SEO only. Here the question comes in mind whom to hire for the best SEO Services that are only meant to improve the site’s value in Google. SEO Service India could be the best solution for improving site’s value, SERP, and website traffic.
While the search engine optimization services are being delivered worldwide, why only SEO Service India not other. It is a big market place with an array of best SEO services India Companies. You can easily find here an affordable SEO Services India provider that can offer the following benefits:
·         All-in-one search engine optimization solutions
·         Only ethical search engine optimization
·         Complete internet marketing solutions along with social media optimization
·         Both On page and off page search engine optimization
·         Recovery from Google Panda and Penguin updates
·         And a lot more
Search engine optimization is a process that involves an array of tasks to be done on regular basis not like bombarding the search engines with all the work in a single day. SEO Services India knows this very well along with its impact on a website. This is the reason why best SEO Services India Company never considers such strategy. Moreover, there is no extra cost for being with laws on Internet marketing, which means only affordable SEO Services India.

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