Monday, 27 May 2013


Monitoring Every Online Effort Is Vital To Make Improvements and Here Are Some Easy & Free Tools Which Helps You Do It

For business owners who are into internet marketing, a prerequisite knowledge of how to track their online efforts becomes vital. Undetermined SEO efforts and ignorance of how to track the ROI will lead you to void.
Knowing your path & getting a clear idea on where you are heading to, the pros & cons of your online strategies helps you correct your mistakes & proceed with the correct procedures. Here are some of the FREE SEO tools which help you achieve huge online leads:

Google Webmaster Tools

A Google Webmaster tool is one awesome tool which lets you see your website from the Google search bots’ point of view. It lets you count on your Sitemaps, External Links, Content, Crawling errors, Search Terms, & Malware. It is free of cost letting you know of your site’s health and gives you knowledge/Insights on how Google understands of your business/website.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmasters tools, again a free tool is an asset to tracking the traffic reaching your website via Bing search engine. Though it is not in par with Google’s webmaster tool, this data is also essential for websites. Are you aware of people who hate Google and deliberately do searches only in Bing? So you should be attentive to those Bing users too. Did you know that Bing had upgraded their webmaster tools last June? You can monitor your site’s OnPage factors, Back links, Keywords, crawling errors and pretty much all essentials with the new Bing webmaster tool.

Google Analytics

You get collective information on your website regarding Audience, Advertising, Traffic Sources, Content, and Conversions.
Specific date range can be set in this tool which lets you know of the total traffic reaching your site, the number of visitors, web pages which get conversion, demographics, ad conversion rate, campaign tracking, exit rate etc.
Get more insights at here – Google Analytics Tool.

Google AdWords Keyword tools
Google Page Speed Insights

Page Speed is one of the essential On page factors which has a direct impact on your website’s bounce rate, conversion rate & revenue. Statistics say that website whose web pages take more than 3 seconds to load are just ignored. This Google Page Speed tool which is again a FREE tool helps you detect your sites page speed rate. It alarms you with the reason for poor business or least visitors for your website. It also suggests you on factors you need to pay attention to for improving your sites page loading time.


SEO Book offers FREE as well as PREMIUM SEO tools which are self-explanatory and could be very well understood & handled even by newbies into SEO. Their FREE tools consist of Keyword suggestion, Keyword List Cleaner, Keyword List Generator, Robots.txt, Meta tag generator, Server header checker, Spider test, Link suggestion, Keyword density, Page comparison, Ad group, Keyword Wrapper, Rank Checker & Typo Generator.


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