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Google's Major Penguin Update Coming In Weeks. It Will Be Big!

On Friday, Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that the Penguin update we are expecting this year, will be coming in the next few weeks.

Matt Cutts said, "we do expect to roll out Penguin 2.0 (next generation of Penguin) sometime in the next few weeks."

This has sent shockwaves through the webmaster and SEO industry over the weekend. We know the next generation Penguin update is a major revision to the existing one. Matt said the previous ones were minor updates. To take you back, we had an update on May 24, 2012 and October 5, 2012. Matt said on Twitter that those were more minor, he would have named them 1.1 and 1.2 and that Google is naming this new update version 2.0.

We are calling it the 4th update to Penguin, but yea, this is expected to be huge. We past the anniversary of the Penguin update and many SEOs and webmasters have yet to recover.

Now with the next generation update, many SEOs are hopeful of recovery but terrified that their efforts will end up being futile. Why? Well, even if they did manage to clean up their sites and do everything to warrant a release of the initial Penguin algorithm, with the new algorithm in place, who knows what else they may have triggered.

Danny Sullivan has an excellent write up on this Penguin release and the history around it.

Trust me, I will be all over this when I see signs in the forums about this update. So stay tuned, brace yourself and trust me - webmasters will survive and grow from this.

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Google Penguin 2.0 Goes Deep - But What Does That Mean?

As you know, Penguin 2.0 #4 is live and webmasters and SEOs are buzzing about that. The thing is, some misconceptions about Penguin 2.0 are driving me absolutely crazy.

Matt Cutts, in his video about this update, talks about how Penguin 2.0 will be "more comprehensive," how this version "goes deeper" and will result in "more of an impact" than Penguin 1.0.

The SEO community is translating "goes deeper" to mean that Penguin 1.0 only impacted the home page of a web site. That is absolutely false. Deeper has nothing to do with that. Those who were hit by Penguin 1.0 know all to well that their whole site suffered, not just their home page.

What Matt meant by "deeper" is that Google is going deeper into their index, link graph and more sites will be impacted by this than the previous Penguin 1.0 update. By deeper, Matt does not mean how it impacts a specific web site architecture but rather how it impacts the web in general.

For example, Ross Hudgens tweeted "Penguin 1 targets homepage, 2 goes "much deeper." I said back no and ended at that. But he and others did not get it. The WebmasterWorld thread has webmasters confused about it also, where someone said "I don't understand this idea that Penguin 1.0 just looked at the home page." You are right, it is completely wrong to think that way.

Normally I don't get heated up about misconceptions in the industry - but seriously.

Update: I see now where the confusion comes from, via TWIG, right over here where Matt said Penguin looks at the home page of the site. Matt must mean Penguin only analyzed the links to the home page. But anyone who had a site impacted by Penguin noticed not just their home page ranking suffer. So I think that is the distinction.

Google Pushed Out The Major Penguin Update (v2.0 #4)

    We started rolling out the next generation of the Penguin webspam algorithm this afternoon (May 22, 2013), and the rollout is now complete. About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice. The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more webspam will see more impact.

    This is the fourth Penguin-related launch Google has done, but because this is an updated algorithm (not just a data refresh), we’ve been referring to this change as Penguin 2.0 internally.

As you know, we've been expecting this for some time, since its been over 6 months since the previous Penguin data refresh. Again, this is not just a refresh, but an algorithmic update.

Here are the previous updates:

    Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012
    Penguin 2 on May 24, 2012
    Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012

There are lots of people complaining about ranking declines and some about boosts. It is too early to tell and I do expect to post a poll next week asking you if you were impacted or not.

I deeply hope you only were positively impacted by this update.

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Update: Matt Cutts tweeted that you can submit feedback to Google via this form about spammy sites this update missed.

How to Effectively Make Your Site Social Media-Friendly

Having a website has become something of a necessity for businesses these days, due to the global paradigm shift where more and more people are integrating online activities with their lives. Besides this fundamental reason of going where the market goes, there are also great benefits to having an official site for your business.

Starting a website is much cheaper than building and maintaining a brick-and-mortar store. There is no need to look for a good location, pay the lease, take into account overhead expenses, etc.

You can reach a much wider audience not limited by time or any borders, making market expansion much easier and opening up more room for growth. You also get to showcase your products, as well as important information about your business to customers, establishing your credibility while making it convenient for your target audience.

Social Media as a Conduit
Of course, there are still some truths in promoting an “offline” business that apply to the online world. Merely having a website does not guarantee profitability. You need to be able to show your expertise and uniqueness in the industry, and you need to establish a good relationship with your customers. The best way of pursuing these goals is through leveraging the power of social media.

Creating accounts for your business for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is good, but these are just channels to your main website. Social media is simply a way for people to connect to your website to consume your content and eventually make purchases. You just have to make sure that your website has good social media integration.

Here are five ways to seamlessly incorporate both assets:

Killer Content
“Content is king” is a phrase that will never get old because content is exactly what people are looking for online, especially in social media. People are constantly sharing with their huge networks of family and friends all sorts of content that they deem interesting, whether it’s a news article, an opinion piece, a funny picture, or an inspiring video. Their connections, in turn, share it with their own networks, and so on. The number of people you can reach with killer content is astounding.

Therefore, you need to create content that will make the rounds within these social media channels through shares, retweets, pins, etc., and you need to be able to do it in a regular fashion. There is no guaranteed way to achieve this, but the best way is to simply create great content.

Social Content
Social media platforms are built with connecting people in mind, but you can follow their template with your website by allowing for some level of interaction with your website’s visitors. This can be done through a blog with a comments section, a forum where they can discuss your products/services, or a customer review feature where you let people send in their critiques of your business’ offerings. You can even let visitors leave comments on your content using their Facebook accounts for fuller integration.

By giving your customers a way to express their opinions, you also give them a sense of belonging with your company. They will feel that you care about what your customers think, establishing a stronger relationship in the process.

Eye-Catching Titles and Images
Some truly great content doesn’t reach its full potential, because of poor titles that don’t immediately grab people’s attention when browsing through their feeds. Other great content that tackles technical and/or multiple subjects are not being read, because of the lack of compelling pictures that break up the monotony of text.

• For titles, you want something that addresses a concern while being straight to the point. It has to fix your target audience’s gaze when they’re quickly scanning on their Smartphones or computers.

• For images, you want something that explains your points in a clearer fashion while maintaining the tone of your content, and more importantly, your brand is known for. You can actually just focus on creating content that is purely image-based (e.g. infographics) to simplify complex concepts and highlight important facts.

Social Buttons
Due to the fast-paced nature of today’s Information Age, people now expect a good level of convenience when surfing the Web. They want to be able to share things they like through their multiple social media accounts without having to deal with the relative hassle of opening up new windows or tabs and copying and pasting URLs. Social buttons are the answer to that problem, making it much easier for people to show their interest in a piece of content to the rest of the world.

These social buttons can also work in your favor, because they usually show the number of people who have expressed positive sentiments about particular content. Once these numbers climb, it can be even easier for people to take notice, because they will think the content is worth checking out, attributing it to the number of people who already did.

RSS Feeds
Rich Site Summary or RSS is nothing new, but it is a tool that has found even more use now that there is so much more content being produced and shared throughout the Internet. Use it to syndicate relevant content you have on your main website to microsites targeting more concentrated niches. This way, you don’t have to be publishing the same content on multiple sites.

While an official website serves as a foundation for creating an online presence, social media allows for even wider coverage for your business, and gets you even closer to your target audience. By integrating it with your website, you realize the full potential of doing business online.


Monitoring Every Online Effort Is Vital To Make Improvements and Here Are Some Easy & Free Tools Which Helps You Do It

For business owners who are into internet marketing, a prerequisite knowledge of how to track their online efforts becomes vital. Undetermined SEO efforts and ignorance of how to track the ROI will lead you to void.
Knowing your path & getting a clear idea on where you are heading to, the pros & cons of your online strategies helps you correct your mistakes & proceed with the correct procedures. Here are some of the FREE SEO tools which help you achieve huge online leads:

Google Webmaster Tools

A Google Webmaster tool is one awesome tool which lets you see your website from the Google search bots’ point of view. It lets you count on your Sitemaps, External Links, Content, Crawling errors, Search Terms, & Malware. It is free of cost letting you know of your site’s health and gives you knowledge/Insights on how Google understands of your business/website.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmasters tools, again a free tool is an asset to tracking the traffic reaching your website via Bing search engine. Though it is not in par with Google’s webmaster tool, this data is also essential for websites. Are you aware of people who hate Google and deliberately do searches only in Bing? So you should be attentive to those Bing users too. Did you know that Bing had upgraded their webmaster tools last June? You can monitor your site’s OnPage factors, Back links, Keywords, crawling errors and pretty much all essentials with the new Bing webmaster tool.

Google Analytics

You get collective information on your website regarding Audience, Advertising, Traffic Sources, Content, and Conversions.
Specific date range can be set in this tool which lets you know of the total traffic reaching your site, the number of visitors, web pages which get conversion, demographics, ad conversion rate, campaign tracking, exit rate etc.
Get more insights at here – Google Analytics Tool.

Google AdWords Keyword tools
Google Page Speed Insights

Page Speed is one of the essential On page factors which has a direct impact on your website’s bounce rate, conversion rate & revenue. Statistics say that website whose web pages take more than 3 seconds to load are just ignored. This Google Page Speed tool which is again a FREE tool helps you detect your sites page speed rate. It alarms you with the reason for poor business or least visitors for your website. It also suggests you on factors you need to pay attention to for improving your sites page loading time.


SEO Book offers FREE as well as PREMIUM SEO tools which are self-explanatory and could be very well understood & handled even by newbies into SEO. Their FREE tools consist of Keyword suggestion, Keyword List Cleaner, Keyword List Generator, Robots.txt, Meta tag generator, Server header checker, Spider test, Link suggestion, Keyword density, Page comparison, Ad group, Keyword Wrapper, Rank Checker & Typo Generator.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

How to Implement an Internet Marketing for Sure Success

With the continuous demand of increasing social networks and business networks, the importance of internet marketing services has also increased. Nowadays, almost every business has gone online for more sales. And, in this venture of increasing sales, Internet marketing is helping business owners.
While, in online business, Internet marketing plays a vital role, creating a fruitful internet marketing strategy is not easy. The thing that is even more important than marketing strategy is having knowledge about the internet marketing services that can be used to build a strategy. Here are a few instructions that may help you to build an internet marketing strategy:
·         Look at the audience: Before you start designing the strategy, always define your target audience, because if your strategy is not as per your target audience then you will fall badly. For example, you know that the consumers of your product can be easily targeted via social networks then why define a strategy to advertise on Television.
·         Create a list of Internet Marketing Services to Avail: Internet marketing is not a single service but an array of services that may include Seo, social media optimization, article marketing, social bookmarking, and email marketing. As per your business demands, you may need all these services. If you are not able to decide, which service should be considered then contact an online marketing firm to make a decision.
·         Define a Time Plan: Planning paves the base for success. As in our daily life, we make plans to execute various tasks flawlessly; we have to define a time plan to execute Internet Marketing strategy too. If you start implementing all services together then instead of benefits you may receive losses.
·         Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the costliest part of Internet marketing, hence, small businesses often avoid it. If you have a tight budget then avoid email marketing, but if you are not bound to budget then must take this, as it is known to deliver the best results.
·         Optimization: If you own a website then optimize it with help of an Internet Marketing Services India Company. Optimizing a website will help you to receive buyers directly from the search engines. Once your site is perfectly optimized, you may not need to spend money of other internet marketing services like email marketing.
Social Media: Nowadays, everyone is on the social sites like Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, etc. So, create social profiles representing your business on these social networks and advertise your business via those social profiles. You may also advertise on these social networks to get leads.

Website Designing Company India – Refining Website Designing

A website not only represents an organization online but plays a vital role in,
·         Establishing organization’s reputation in World Wide Web
·         Increasing sales via online means
·         Increasing site’s value in search engines
·         Getting leads
·         And much more
While a website serves so many purposes, the major challenge among organizations is to find a Website designing services provider that can deliver the best results without looting the pocket and taking too much time. Finding such Web designing services provider that has many years of experience in designing a variety of websites matching different niches is not an easy job.
Many parameters need to be considered while giving the project of your website’s design to a website designing services provider. If even a single parameter is left untouched, the quality of the site will be disturbed causing several other issues. Given below are the parameters that must be considered or taken into the consideration of web designing services provider:
·         Look and feel: The very first thing to consider is the look and feel of the website. While having tremendous look is must, you cannot ignore the theme of the website. Your site must be designed as per your niche. For example, if your company deals in Music equipments then the sit’s design should speak it. When a user stops at the site, he/she should immediately guess that the site is related to music. 
·         Navigation: After look and feel, the term comes to navigation. Ensure that the site’s navigation is good, because the good navigation not only helps visitors to explore the site easily but also to search engines.
·         Completeness: When you are satisfied with the look and feel and navigational structure of the site, ensure that your site is complete with respect to Title tag, Meta tag, Menu items, and other tools and options you want to see in your site.
Ignoring any of these parameters may lead to loss of money, less sales, and less leads. Website Designing Company India can be the best choice for you to get all your website designing needs accomplished.
Nowadays, when many web designing services providers do what you ask them to do without bothering you with their inputs, Website Designing Company India strives hard to deliver the best. If site’s design does not look perfect, as per your inputs, then the company gives its inputs so that you can go back with the best, for which you have approached the company. Though, Website Designing Company India gives inputs, the Company does not force you to get them implemented. Website Designing Company India provides a complete range of web designing services on various themes, such as technology, mobile, computers, real estate, government institutions, NGOs, companies, and hospitals.